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Latest update to school meals due to the phased opening of schools and nurseries in Renfrewshire

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Dietary information, prices and providers of school meals

Including allergens list, carbohydrate count, special diets, free school meals, paying for school meals, secondary school prices and school meal providers.

Dietary information

Prices and free school meals

School meal providers

Dietary information


Nursery and primary school menus

and sulphate
Beef burger              
Beef burger in a bun            
Beef burger in a bun (gluten free)             
Bread (Kinsgmill 50/50)            
Bread (gluten free)              
Breaded chicken burger in a bun            
Burger bun            
Burger bun (gluten free)             
Cheese sandwich            
Cheese sandwich (dairy free)            
Cheese sandwich (gluten free)             
Cheese sandwich (PJ Foods)            
Cheese slices (Violife)              
Chicken goujons             
Chicken goujons (gluten free)              
Chicken nuggets             
Cumberland sausage (gluten free)             
Fish goujons            
Fish fingers (gluten free)             
Fruit selection              
Ham sandwich             
Ham sandwich (dairy free)            
Ham sandwich (gluten free)              
Ham sandwich (PJ Foods)             
Ham sandwich (PJ Foods gluten free)              
Hot dog bun             
Hot dog in a bun             
Hot dog in a bun (gluten free)             
Macaroni cheese            
Macaroni cheese (gluten free)             
Macaroni cheese (dairy free)            
Peach yogurt             
Potato wedges              
Sandwich bread (Kingsmill 50/50)            
Side salad              
Sausage roll            
Smiley Faces              
Spread (Vitalite)              
Strawberry iced smoothie               
Strawberry yogurt             
Sub roll (gluten free)             
Tomato ketchup              
Tortilla wrap             
Tortilla wrap (gluten free)              
Tuna mayonnaise sandwich          
Tuna mayo sandwich (dairy free)          
Tuna mayo sandwich (gluten free)           
Tuna mayo sandwich (PJ Foods)          
Tuna mayo sandwich (PJ Foods gluten free)           
Veggie bites (falafel)              
Veggie burger in a bun           


Secondary school menu

CrustaceanEggFishLupinMilkMolluscMustardNutPeanutSesame seedSoyaSulphur
Apple muffin            
Assorted bread fillings         
Baked potato with assorted fillings         
Beef burger           
Beef lasagne          
Braised sausage and onions           
Battered haddock (tempura)            
Broccoli soup            
Brown bread           
Brown burger roll            
Brown rice salad            
Cauliflower crunch         
Chicken curry            
Chicken grill steak             
Chicken pie           
Chicken soup             
Empire biscuits            
Farmhouse tomato soup           
Fish pie            
Frozen haddock            
Frozen yogurt             
Fruity flapjack            
Green pea soup             
Hot dog roll           
Hot dog sausage             
Leek and potato soup             
Lentil and carrot soup             
Lentil soup            
Macaroni cheese            
Margherita pizza           
Minestrone soup            
Panini fillings        
Pasta bolognese             
Pasta pepper and tomato salad             
Pasta in spicy tomato sauce            
Quorn burger in a bun         
Roast pork with apple sauce and gravy           
Salmon bake            
Selection of wraps and fillings       
Spicy chicken fajitas            
Spicy vegetable burger          
Steak pie          
Strawberry yogurt             
Sweet and sour chicken noodles            
Tomato and basil soup           
Vegetable and bean curry           
Vegetable bolognese            
Yellow split pea soup             

Carbohydrate count

Nursery and primary meals

DishCarbs per 100gItem portion sizeCarbs per portion
Beef burger in a bun38.8g158g19.3g
Beef burger in a bun (gluten free)40.5g193g34.0g
Cheese sandwich28.9g120g34.7g
Cheese sandwich (dairy free)28.9g120g34.7g
Cheese sandwich (gluten free)28.9g120g34.7g
Cheese sandwich (PJ Foods)28.9g120g34.7g
Chicken burger in a bun54.2g105g27.6g
Chicken goujons16.3g100g (4 goujons)16.3g
Chicken goujons (gluten free)11.1g103g (3 goujons)11.4g
Chicken goujons wrap70g121g (3 goujons)43.4g
Chicken goujons wrap (gluten free)51.7g131g (2 goujons)35.8g
Chicken nuggets19g90g17.1g
Cumberland sausage (gluten free)2.3g94g2.1g
Fish goujons19.7g90g (4 goujons)17.73g
Fish goujons wrap73g121g (3 goujons)46.9g
Fish goujons wrap (gluten free)52.4g150g (3 goujons)44.1g
Ham sandwich27.8g125g34.7g
Ham sandwich (dairy free)27.8g125g34.7g
Ham sandwich (gluten free)27.8g125g34.7g
Ham sandwich (PJ Foods)28.5g122g34.8g
Ham sandwich (PJ Foods gluten free)29.7g118g35.0g
Hot dog in a bun (gluten free)56.1g164g63.0g
Macaroni cheese13.8g200g27.6g
Peach yogurt12.3g110g13.5g
Potato smileys26.7g79g (4 smileys)21.1g
Potato wedges22g100g22g
Sausage roll27g69g18.6g
Side salad1.6g49g0.8g
Strawberry yogurt12.3g110g13.5g
Tuna mayo sandwich25.9g138g35.7g
Tuna mayo sandwich (gluten free)25.9g138g35.7g
Tuna mayo sandwich (dairy free)25.9g138g35.7g
Tuna mayo sandwich (PJ Foods)26.0g137.5g37.5g
Tuna mayo sandwich (PJ Foods gluten free)30.0g119g35.7g
Veggie bites (falafel)19g100g19g
Veggie burger in a bun62.4g104g31.3g

Special diets 

You can find the list of allergens listed above. 

As far as possible, we try to cater for all types of medical diet:

  • diabetic
  • nut-free
  • egg-free
  • gluten-free
  • additive-free
  • milk-free.

If your child needs a medically restricted diet, please contact your child's headteacher in the first instance. 

The headteacher will pass your request to the area catering manager who will then contact you to find out your child's exact dietary needs. 

You should make your request in writing and include evidence from your doctor or another medical authority. You should fully describe your child's diagnosis and dietary needs. 

We cannot accept verbal requests because the diet a child eats can affect their health, both now and later in life.

Costs and free meals

Free school meals P1 to P3 

All primary 1 to primary 3 school children are now entitled to a free school meal. You do not need to do anything for your child to receive this service. 

Free school meals P4 to S6 

Your child may be entitled to free school meals after P3. To find out if you are eligible and to apply, visit our free school meals page. 

Paying for school meals

Our current prices are listed on the Fees and Charges page.

The majority of our schools have ParentPay, which is an online cashless payment system to pay for school meals. 

For schools not on ParentPay, please see our interim cashless payment option on our coronavirus advice for schools and nurseries section.  

Many people qualify for free school meals yet don't apply for it. It could save you money and ensure your child has a healthier lunch. 

Secondary school prices


Toast x 2 and fruit juice cuplet£0.70
Assorted cereal£0.70
Pancake x 2£0.70
Museli with yogurt£0.70

Morning break

Toast x 2£0.45
Sausage in a roll£0.90
Bacon in a roll£0.95
Omelette in a roll£0.90
Potato scone in a roll£0.75
Cheese sandwich£1.45
Ham sandwich£1.45
Tuna sandwich£1.45
Empire biscuit£0.70
Pancake x 2£0.70

Hot food

2 slices toast and fruit juice cuplet£0.70
Assorted cereal£0.70
Pancake x 2£0.70
Cheese panini or baked potato£1.45
Cheese and ham panini or baked potato£1.65
Tuna melt panini or baked potato£1.65
Chicken tikka panini or baked potato£1.65
Baked beans panini or baked potato£1.45
Daily special£1.75
Hot pasta pot£1.45
Pizza (1/2)£1.20
Hot dog£1.60

Cold food

Cheese wrap, baguette or sandwich with salad£1.45
Cheese and ham wrap, baguette or sandwich with salad£1.65
Tuna wrap, baguette or sandwich with salad£1.45
Chicken tikka wrap, baguette or sandwich with salad£1.65
Cheese salad bowl£1.45
Tuna salad bowl£1.45
Chicken tikka salad bowl£1.65
Ham salad bowl£1.45
Cheese pasta salad bowl£1.45
Tuna pasta salad bowl£1.45
Chicken tikka salad bowl£1.65
Sweet chilli chicken salad bowl£1.65

Fresh fruit (all day)

Single whole fruit£0.35
Small fruit pot£0.65
Large fruit pot£1.10
Yogurt pot£0.45

Hot drinks

Hot chocolate£0.80

Cold drinks

Small water£0.45
Large water£0.65
OMJ carton£0.65
OMJ can£0.75
Fruit juice cuplet£0.30

Meal deals £2.60

Deal 1

  • Soup
  • Daily special
  • Milk or water

Deal two

  • Daily special
  • Yogurt or fruit pot
  • Milk or water

Deal three

  • Soup
  • Wrap or baguette or sandwich or a filled baked potato
  • Milk or water

Deal four

  • Wrap or baguette or sandwich or a filled baked potato
  • Fruit pot or home baking
  • Milk or water

School meal providers

Council-run meals service

We provide the meals service in the following primary and secondary schools.

  • Arkleston Primary School
  • Auchenlodment Primary School
  • Bargarran Primary School
  • Barsail Primary School
  • Bishopton Primary School
  • Brediland Primary School
  • Bridge of Weir Primary School
  • Bushes Primary School
  • East Fulton Primary School
  • Gallowhill Primary School
  • Heriot Primary School
  • Houston Primary School
  • Howwood Primary School
  • Inchinnan Primary School
  • Kilbarchan Primary School
  • Kirklandneuk Primary School
  • Langbank Primary School
  • Langcraigs Primary School
  • Lochfield Primary School
  • Lochwinnoch Primary School
  • Mossvale Primary School
  • Newmains Primary School
  • Our Lady of Peace Primary School
  • Ralston Primary School
  • Rashielea Primary School
  • St Anne's Primary School
  • St Anthony's Primary School
  • St Catherine's Primary School
  • St Charles' Primary School
  • St Fergus' Primary School
  • St Fillan's Primary School
  • St James' Primary School, Paisley
  • St James' Primary, Renfrew
  • St John Bosco Primary School
  • St John Ogilvie Primary School
  • St Margaret's Primary School
  • St Mary's Primary School
  • St Paul's Primary School
  • St Peter's Primary School
  • Thorn Primary School
  • Wallace Primary School
  • West Primary School
  • Williamsburgh Primary School.

AMEY meals service

AMEY provide school meals for these schools (listed below). Please speak to the school directly for more information on their menus, allergens and carb count. 

  • Cochrane Castle Primary School
  • Fordbank Primary School
  • Glencoats Primary School
  • Gleniffer High School
  • Linwood High School
  • St Andrew's Academy
  • St Benedict's High School
  • St David's Primary School
  • Todholm Primary School
  • Woodlands Primary School.