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Coronavirus testing

Where the nearest NHS and community test sites are for people with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, how to get a free home test if you have no symptoms.

NHS / Government test sites for people with symptoms

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (a high temperature, a new and continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste), you should book a free NHS test via the UK Government website.

You will have the option to choose any site, however it is likely your nearest will be one of the two in Renfrewshire. Both are run by the NHS and UK Government as part of the national programme of testing. They are:

Glasgow Airport

This is a drive-through-only test centre.

Bridge Street in Paisley

This is a walk-through centre, designed to be easy to reach for people without cars. You will need to access it on foot but there is parking nearby, at Renfrewshire House on Cotton Street (free), and on street (charges apply).

For further information on what to do if you or someone in your household has symptoms or tests positive, see NHS Inform.

Get a free coronavirus (COVID-19) home test if you have no symptoms

You can do a free, fast test for coronavirus (COVID-19) at home if you:

  • don't have any symptoms
  • live in Scotland
  • have not been told to self-isolate.

You can pick up a home testing kit from:

  • the Glasgow Airport community testing site (drive through only)
  • Bridge Street in Paisley (walk in only)

Or you can order a home testing kit online on, which is delivered to you by post.  

You can find out more about coronavirus testing if you have no symptoms on the website. 

If you have symptoms you must self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test through NHS Inform.

Community test sites for people without symptoms

We are supporting the national programme of community testing - which aims to find people who have the virus without knowing they have it.

Since December 2020, we have hosted temporary test sites for people without symptoms of COVID-19 in Johnstone, Gallowhill and Ferguslie Park in Paisley, and in Linwood. This page will be updated as other community test centres are rolled out.

COVID-19 testing site in Renfrew

A temporary COVID-19 testing site is being set up in Renfrew. It is for people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19.  

We are encouraging anyone who lives, works or goes to school in Renfrew to get a test.

The testing site is at: Renfrew Town Hall, Hairst St, Renfrew for one week, from Wednesday 19 May until Tuesday 25 May 2021.

It is open:

  • Wednesday 19 May: 9am to 5pm
  • Thursday 20 May: 11am to 7pm
  • Friday 21 May: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday 22 May: 11am to 3.30pm
  • Sunday 23 May: 11am to 3.30pm
  • Monday 24 May: 9am to 5pm
  • Tuesday 25 May: 9am to 5pm

The testing site is a drop-in facility - you do not need to book a test in advance. The testing site is being run by Renfrewshire Council as part of the national community testing programme.

Who can get tested 

The testing site is being targeted at anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Renfrew and who does not have symptoms of COVID-19. 

Renfrew is shown in the highlighted area on this map (the test centre is also marked).
Anyone aged five and over can be tested, but anyone under 16 needs parental permission and must be accompanied by an adult. 

If you have COVID-19 symptoms 

Please do not come to the Renfrew testing site if you have COVID-19 symptoms: a new continuous cough, high temperature or a change to your sense of taste or smell.

You should instead book a test at one of the other testing centres for people with symptoms on the UK Government website.

The nearest sites are the large drive-through site at Glasgow Airport and the local walk-through site at Bridge Street in Paisley. 

If you have already been vaccinated 

The national COVID-19 vaccination programme is under way. You can still catch and spread the virus even if you have received one or both doses of your COVID-19 vaccine.

So we encourage everyone who lives, works or goes to school in Renfrew to get a test - whether you have been vaccinated or not. 

Why you should get tested 

Getting tested will help protect you, your loved ones and your community from COVID-19.

Cases of Coronavirus are falling and community testing is important in continuing this positive progress as restrictions are relaxed.

People don't always show symptoms when they have the virus - you could be passing it on to those around you without knowing. Getting tested is your chance to find out if you have it and help to reduce transmission.

What to expect at the testing site 

Free off-street parking is available at the back of Renfrew Town Hall and there are public car parks close by at Muir Street and at High Street/Charles Avenue. There is a bus stop close to the town hall, with regular services, including from Braehead.

Strict hygiene measures and physical distancing will be in place. You should wear a face covering unless you are medically exempt. 

You will be asked to register your details - including name, address and mobile phone number. If you don't have a mobile phone, we will help you to register. 

The test you will be given is known as a lateral flow test. You will take the test yourself, by putting a swab in your throat and up your nose. Staff will be on hand to offer instructions. 

After your test, please return to your home or car and stay there until you receive your test results. Your test will be processed on site and results will be texted to you within 45 minutes of your test on the phone you registered with. 

Anyone who doesn't have a mobile phone will be directed to an area where they can wait to receive their results in person. 

Anyone who tests positive will be required to take a follow-up test to confirm this. 

If I test negative 

A negative test only means you don't have the virus on that day. The virus is still out there and you could still catch and spread it at any time. 

So even if you test negative, please continue to take care and follow the FACTS guidance. 

If I test positive 

If you test positive on your lateral flow test:

The test you will take at the NHS-run test centres is called a PCR test. The follow-up PCR test is considered the most accurate test and will confirm if your initial (lateral flow) test was correct. Your test will be sent away to a laboratory for analysis and should be returned within 1-2 days. 

If you test negative on the PCR test, you can stop self-isolating and carry on as normal - but please continue to follow the restrictions.

If you test positive on the follow-up PCR test: 

You and the rest of your household must self-isolate for ten days from the date of your initial (lateral flow) test:

Free home testing kits

Lateral flow testing kits will be available for you to pick up at the temporary testing site and take home. You can do this at any time the site is open and don't need to order these in advance or require to take a test to receive these.

Support for self-isolation 

The NHS Inform website has a helpful guide to how to keep you and the rest of your household safe when there has been a positive case.

Financial help is available - you may be eligible for a £500 Self-Isolation Support Grant.
If you need extra support and cannot get this from friends or family, phone the National Assistance Helpline (0800 111 4000) or textphone (0800 111 4114), open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

There are more ways to get support for you or someone you know through Ready Scotland

What happens to my data 

Your data will be collected by NHS Scotland, who are the data controller, and will not be visible or accessible to the Council. You can read more about how your data will be used on the Information Governance website.