Renfrewshire Council

Recovery Across Mental Health (RAMH)

RAMH promotes recovery from mental ill health, and empowers people to build independent, fulfilled lives. 

We do this in 6 ways: 
•    by providing immediate support in crisis situations
•    by supporting people in their own homes with individualised care and practical support 
•    by providing counselling and social, therapeutic, creative and educational groups 
•    by promoting self management and empowering individuals to achieve their potential 
•    by supporting carers, family and friends through education and information
•    by raising awareness to break down the barriers, inequalities and stigma around mental health 

Our values:
•    RAMH believes that people have the potential to recover from mental ill health 
•    RAMH uses the ideals of recovery and support to reinforce hope, respect and equality  
•    RAMH recognises individuals' strengths and empowers individuals to find solutions and to create meaningful lives  

Did you know? 
•    1 in every 6 people in Scotland is currently experiencing a mental health problem 
•    RAMH provides 250,000 hours of face to face support, in local communities, directly supporting over 4,000 people 
•    Since 1990 RAMH has provided professional care and services to those affected by mental ill health; depression, self harm, bipolar disorder, anxiety and other conditions